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A super nutritional supplement that enhances gluco
se metabolism , improves insulin sensitivity & decreases insulin resistance .
The unique formula of chromium picolinate& biotin helps in controlling blood glucose level for diabetic patients , reducing hyperlipidemia , &attenuating weight gain& also as a supportive treatment in PCOS.

-Diachrome : Approved from FDA & Kuwaiti M.O.H.
-Diachrome : Has 5 U.S. patents.
-Diachrome : Derived from plant origin ( 100 % Natural product).

* Diabetic patients:
    Diachrome helps in :-
- Controls blood sugar.
- Reduces weight.
- Activates insulin receptors.
- controls hyperlipidemia.

* Obesity:
  Diachrome helps in weight reduction through:-
-Increasing fats and carbohydrates metabolism.
- Removing excessive fats ( from abdomen and hips).
- Inducing satiety .

Polycystic ovaries syndrome ( PCOS) :
   Diachrome helps in :-
-Reducing weight .
-Decreasing insulin resistance.
-Controlling hyperinsulinemia.

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